About CC&C Europe
CC&C is a Gold Member of The Open Group - the global IT standards consortium. CC&C was a key participant in the development of TOGAF®.

CC&C executive Dan Warfield is an active participant in the ​Open Group's IT4IT™ Forum, helping to define the new standard for IT management in the digital age.


CC&C offers a range of public, corporate and bespoke training for IT professionals.

CC&C Europe will offer TOGAF and IT4IT training starting in January 2017.

In 2015, our training led to more than half of new TOGAF certifications in India.

IT Transformation

Like the cobbler's shoeless children, enterprise IT has been without a standard business architecture. 

CC&C uses the new IT4IT™ reference architecture as a guiding template for transforming traditional IT organisations into modern digital service brokers.

Digital Transformation

As every business becomes a digital business, the transformation process must be thoughtful but aggressive, imaginative but successful.

CC&C professionals bring extensive strategic perspectives but also practical experience and advice that is independent of any vendor.

Global Reach

After being active for 15 years in Asia Pacific and India, CC&C opened CC&C Americas in 2015 in response to increased demand from global clients.

In 2016, CC&C Europe was launched in London, to serve existing and new clients in Europe.


CC and C Solutions was founded in Australia in 2002 under the leadership of Vish Viswanathan, one of the world's leading EA practitioners and visionaries. 


CC&C helps IT professionals, IT services companies, and Enterprise IT leaders around the globe to become self-sufficient through systematic and customised skills transfer programs, including formal training, consulting and coaching.