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About your instructor

Dan Warfield

Dan is a leader in The Open Group's IT4IT Forum, which created and continues to develop the IT4IT Standard. He is deeply involved in IT4IT enhancements and is co-author of an upcoming white paper on IT4IT and Digital Product Management.

Dan has used IT4IT to drive IT transformation in some of the world's largest companies and is that creator of an IT4IT-based Digital Readiness assessment. Students will benefit from this unique, practical perspective.

Dan has 35 years of experience in enterprise IT leadership roles in the UK and US, and is chair of the London Chapter, Association of Enterprise Architects.

II had the pleasure of working with Dan for over four years at Walmart. His ability to rationalize and communicate ideas, direction, architectures and problems is in the highest of his peers. He is a driven individual with excellent preparation and presentation skills and it would be refreshing to work with him again.

Bob Snyder Principal Enterprise Architect, Walmart Technology

Is IT4IT for You?

Automate DevOps

The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture defines the functions, flows and data needed to make DevOps work at scale.

Manage Digital Products

IT4IT is the architecture for putting making the the fuill transition to product-management as the guiding metaphor for IT investment.

Digital Transformation!

IT4IT has been the guide for streamlining the flow of IT work in companies such as Walmart, Oracle, Shell, Nestlé, Rabobank, SKF, Boeing and ING.

You should consider this training if you:

  • Need a transformation roadmap for the move from Project-based to Product-based IT management
  • Are responsible for DevOps toolchain integration
  • Need to rationalize the vast landscape of IT tool silos
  • Want training from real practitioners who know what they're talking about
  • Need a vendor-agnostic reference architecture for the IT domain
  • Need to measure and manage a multi-vendor, multi-layer IT service provision model

... or you may want to pass if you:

  • Don't have a problem with slow software delivery
  • Aren't concerned about IT and business alignment
  • Feel in control of what is happening in your "IT factory"
  • Have made the move from order-taker to service broker

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UK After Hours

What Is Covered In This Training? 

IT4IT Foundation certification training prepares you for the IT4IT Foundation exam, which tests your knowledge of IT4IT basics. We cover this material thoroughly, including:

Overview of the IT4IT Reference Architecture including overall structure, types of objects, principles and purpose

Details of functional components and data in each value stream: Build, Plan, Deliver and Run

Extra CC&C material with worked examples of IT4IT in practice based on real use cases


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The Top Seven Use Cases for IT4IT

CC&C has identified seven use cases for IT4IT that have been shown to deliver business value. Each appeals to a specific practitioner group. All are about business value. IT4IT has helped people succeed by using IT4IT ...

  • as a software architecture for IT tooling, providing normative guidance for functionality and interoperability of software tools.
  • as the basis of a capability map for enterprise IT management to be used by architects who support the IT management domain, for example to manage demand signals, by cross-referencing proposed changes to capabilities.
  • as the basis of an operating model for IT management, to be used as a template for describing organization, activities, flows and governance in the IT department, used by executives and managers to control the IT function, and by architects and planners to propose changes to that function.
  • as a template for understanding and defining standard processes and data flows in specific contexts such as DevOps, Cloud, Service Broker, SIAM, etc., with extensions / reconfigurations of IT4IT concepts to address the detailed contextual requirements in each case, to be used by operations, process and methodology practitioners.
  • as a supporting metaphor for discussion of the IT operational tools and practices of a particular organization, in order to help participants – often led by internal or external strategy advisors – to discover opportunities to improve organizational performance arising from insights gained in the discussion.
  • as a guide for standardizing interfaces and data architectures within vendor toolsets, for interfaces exposed for integration by vendors, and for IT managers wishing to standardize interfaces and data architectures within their organization and multi vendor ecosystem.
  • as an assessment template for organizations wishing to understand the maturity and capabilities of their existing IT management landscape, for example to select process areas requiring changes or to rationalize IT tools.

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